Are Allergy Symptoms Your First Sign of Spring?

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The signs of spring have made their appearance. The cold season is going the way of winter along with the molds and fungus that aggravate the sinuses during our dark rainy months. For many, the immune system has been fully put to the test. The allergy season is showing its face in the form of tree pollens to begin with. Flowering plants and grasses will follow soon. While this does not affect everyone, more and more people are experiencing allergy symptoms that were previously not an issue.

The reasons for this are several. First, our air is not as clean as it was. This increases the environmental toxin load on our systems thereby adding stress on the body systems. Second, life stress adds more challenge to our adrenal health and immune health which makes us more sensitive to additional insults from the environment. Third, our diets of processed, devitalized foods degrade the health of our digestive tracts and add more stress in the system.

The antidote, avoid breathing the air, eating the food, drinking the water or doing any work (tongue in cheek). While this sounds ludicrous, the wisdom is not far off. If you find yourself in a polluted air environment, obviously change the environment. Change your diet to an organic, high raw vegetable and organic free-range protein plan that is also low glycemic. Leave out sugar and dairy, limit alcohol and caffeine and most of all avoid foods that have been processed in any way. Drink only filtered water from trusted sources. Perform work that fills you creatively and that you love.

Beyond these rather obvious antidotes, having a nutritional plan that provides your body with the specific nutrients it needs is the cornerstone to overcoming allergy effects each season.