An Adventure in Living Vibrantly


When you decided to make the change to move toward Vibrant Health, you embarked on the adventure of a lifetime.  Most of us seek some adventure in our lives even if it is in books or movies.  The most worthwhile adventure is one of creating a healthy life that sustains itself for a long time.

I just finished reading a book by one of my mentors, Brian Tracy, entitled Many Miles to Go.  I am familiar with the story yet in this narrative, many poignant details make it a captivating and valuable read.  This book is a chronicle of his journey from Vancouver BC to Johannesburg, South Africa, including crossing the Sahara Desert.  He maintains that we all have a Sahara to cross.  If you can imagine crossing  500 miles of desert in the heat and desolation including many unexpected twists and turns that nearly ended the journey.

In crossing our own Sahara of illness to Vibrant Health, we must cross the forbidding desert of distraction and opinions that falsely proclaim, “you will die in the desert”, meaning that you are sure to fail.  If you are truly committed to enjoying a life of Sustainable Vibrant Health, you achieve this by taking one step at a time to move closer and closer to the destination adjusting as you go.

The distractions and challenges can serve to strengthen your resolve to achieve the goal or they can take you out.  The choice is yours.  Whatever you choose you will have.  This is an undeniable fact.  If the choice is less than Sustainable Vibrant Health, you will have something less.  We are individually responsible for the outcome we choose.

The mission of the team at Robust Life Center is to guide people to Sustainable Vibrant Health so we can improve the health of our community, country and world.  We reach out especially to the children who are our future and the hope of turning the outcome to sustaining healthy life on the planet for generations to come.  I am inviting you to renew or step up in your commitment by telling everyone about what we are up to.  Help us help others now.