Have you ever had the experience of going into a place of business as a potential customer or client only to be treated indifferently or even rudely by the staff who are supposed to service you? Perhaps more importantly, have you had the experience of purchasing a service or product only to find the service shoddily done or the product faulty and needing to be repaired? These and a myriad of other business or organization troubles and problems can all stem from lack of knowledge and understanding of one of the most fundamental of organizational basics– and that fundamental is “purpose.”

Part and parcel to any organization or group is its purpose. This is so true that it could be considered part of the definition of the word “organization.” Before any organization, group or business came into existence, there was first an established purpose or goal; usually dreamed by one person, then agreed to by a core group; and ultimately embraced by many. If a business or group is to continue and expand into the future, that group’s purpose is the carrier wave that gets it there. Indeed, success for any business or group is defined, not necessarily by financial success, but by its success in striving for and attaining its goals and purposes. Financial success may be a consequence of this, and is necessary to persist and survive in a money based economy. Rarely, however, is mere finance the goal or purpose of a truly successful business or organization.

Understanding this, one can see that for the employees and executives in any business; the citizens of any government; even the customers and clients of a business, it is very important to know and understand the basic purpose of that organization or company. An employee of a business may think that his purpose in working there is simply to make money for himself. If he does, he is out of alignment with the purpose of his own organization, will have work difficulties of various kinds, and will not be very happy with his job, as he is to some degree at cross purposes with his employer. Likewise, for a client or customer of a business, knowing its purpose gives one the most direct indication of what that company intends to produce and deliver, as well as how it will deliver it. Your happiness or satisfaction with a business as a consumer is utterly dependent on that business accomplishing its purpose with respect to you as one individual customer.

To expand on this a little, realize that a company or group purpose is the REASON for that company’s or group’s existence. Fundamentally it is that organization’s most SENIOR policy. From it a group’s key operating policies and guidelines are derived, as well as the valuable product it produces. Properly formulated, these policies and guidelines are ALWAYS based on what has been successful in forwarding the group or business purpose. A group’s purpose is also essential in establishing the core values of that group. Together, a group or company’s purpose, core values, key policies and valuable product, describe the “personality” of that group or business; for, like people, groups do have personalities. One can sense this on walking into a business. Is the place friendly? Efficient? Service oriented? Do the employees grasp WHY they are there? Do they care? These are characteristics of that business’s personality, and they are an excellent indicator that the people working there do know and operate according to that business’s basic purpose and core values.

We at Robust Life Center are very aware of this information on organizational “basic purpose” and its importance. Years ago, when I founded this Center, it was for a very specific purpose. Even as a kid growing up on the farm, I knew that someday I wanted to help people in a substantial and fundamental way. With my training in nutritional science and technology, that general direction became refined and more firmly established in my mind. As I want you to know and understand this purpose as well, I’m re-publishing it for you here and now. The basic purpose of Robust Life Center is:


Everything we do at Robust Life, from answering your nutritional questions, to helping you with your own specific nutritional health issues, to the education we provide to help people manage their own health better, is centered around the purpose just described. Emanating from this are the core values we strive for in delivering our service every day. Values such as COMPETENCE, ATTENTIVENESS, GOOD SERVICE, FRIENDLINESS and COMPASSION are at the heart and soul of all that we do. I invite you to come visit us at Robust Life Center and experience it for yourself.

I am happy to have had the opportunity to share this information with you about the importance of “purpose” relative to groups, businesses and organizations. I hope you find it useful.

And I look forward to helping you become a ZEALOT for your own health and that of your friends very soon.


Samuel C Zeiler MS CNC

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