Powerful Plans for 2017

Here we are at the last days of 2016.  My hope is that this past year has been generally positive and you are looking forward to 2017 with excitement and possibility.  With each year, there is always change.  Make a decision to embrace change, stare it in the face, make things happen that challenge the “status quo” in your life!

Stop making New Year’s resolutions!  If you are like many people who make some resolutions or at least weak goals for the new year, statistically, this is a set-up for failure.  While none of us would intentionally start on a path if we knew that failure was the outcome.  The curious thing is that many are repeat offenders of the same intentions/resolutions every year.

It is time for something different.  There is more to creating a resolution or intention for the year than merely stating it or writing it down.  That is a good first step.  Many start out with the “What” of their intention.  While this is important to name the outcome, unless it is specific, it is only an idea without strength.  You may recognize some of these resolutions:

  • Lose weight
  • Save money
  • Have more leisure time
  • Get physically fit
  • Get healthy
  • Have a creative hobby

Good things to do, however they will likely not happen.  The reasons are this, they are not specific, time-bounded, measurable or have a clear outcome to celebrate.  Some of you actually have resolutions/intentions that have a high likelihood of success.  They do because the completion is clear. i.e. finishing a ½ marathon by the end of summer.    Unless a clear outcome is visualized or has an “Ideal Scene” the intended outcome does not have “pulling power”.

One of the most important factors in having your resolutions/intentions manifest is in determining the “WHY” factor.  Why do you want whatever it is?  How will you be showing up having realized your intention?  What does it feel like in the “winner’s circle”?  Who is there with you?  What does it look like?  What impact will it have on your immediate world?  How will you share your accomplishment that will serve mankind?

These are all powerful considerations when an intention/resolution is set.  In my opinion and experience, it is better to set a few big hairy, scary, challenging intentions/resolutions or targets that have powerful outcomes that can change the world than a few selfish resolutions that have little drawing effect on the heat of my fire.  Personally, to use a fire analogy, I want to create enough draw on the fire of my soul to literally burn out any indecision, distraction or disturbance from the defined and planned journey through the next year and beyond!

Over forty years of business and life experience have taught me the principles expressed here.  I have had the good fortune to create connections with some of the finest mentors in North America, not by accident.  The essence of what I am stating is this:

  • Decide clearly what it is that must be done in the near term, mid-term and long-term to fully expand awareness and experience through service to life.
  • Create a written picture of how you will be at each stage along the way.
  • Determine what tools, support or materials may be required to make the journey.
  • Assemble your team to make the journey (no one gets through major change without a team of ardent supporters)
  • Get started, take definite action forward if not massive action depending on the size of your intention.  Pick up speed as you go, no jack rabbit starts.  Give it all you have!
  • Stay with it until you have succeeded long enough to assure there is minimal likelihood of backsliding or diminishment of results.
  • Keep moving forward to bigger, better, more impactful life experience of service.

When it comes to living fully, I put my health at the forefront.  I am busily working on my goals and targets for 2017.  Nutritional and physical health targets are areas that I set first because without great health, everything else is harder.  Robust Life Center is the outward expression of my goal to create a community that vibrates with healthy people on purpose.

Join us and catch fire with Sustainable Vibrant Health!  The world needs people on fire with their personal health and intention to make a difference!

Have a very Happy New Year!


Samuel C Zeiler MS CC