We must have Vitamin D to Stay Well

Once again, we North Americans have tilted away  from the sun.  The days are short and the sun we do  get is not as bright.  This time of year brings a  hidden challenge.  Our bodies stop making Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is the “sunshine” vitamin because it is an  essential byproduct of sun exposure.  This is clearly  represented through photo-synthesis in green  plants.  Without sunshine, the plants wither.  Our  bodies are much the same.  We attempt to  supplement Vitamin D by consuming dairy products  that have been fortified.  However, due to many of  us restricting whole milk and fat containing dairy, we  lose a common channel of delivery.

How big is the low Vitamin D issue?  It is huge!   Anyone living north of a line that goes across North  America through Los Angeles, Phoenix and St. Louis  does not make enough Vitamin D from November  through February at least.  If you live in Canada, the  issue is extended from September through March.

You may ask yourself what happens if we do not get enough Vitamin D? The list is long. Every cell in the body is affected. To begin, “D” is essential for helping our bodies absorb calcium and send it to the bones. “D” is also vital in improving balance and muscle strength. Chronic inflammation is reduced by having adequate Vitamin D in the system. Harvard University researchers found that Vitamin D also reduces tumor growth.

Insulin regulation and diabetes are possibly affected  by adequate amounts of “D”.  The immune system is  clearly affected by Vitamin D.  Syndromes of Type 1  Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and  Osteo Arthritis are in the class of auto-immune  conditions helped by this essential fat-soluble  vitamin.  Researchers estimate that our current  systemic levels of Vitamin D are about 10-15% of the  levels in our ancestors.

The older we are, the more Vitamin D we need.  How  much is enough?  This varies to some degree.  Most  dietary supplements provide 400 IU at suggested  intake levels.  Compare this with sun exposure at  10,000 -30,000 IU per day.  Unfortunately, our  dietary sources are inadequate in the winter.  I  strongly recommend supplementation with Vitamin D,  Essential Fatty Acids and Calcium.

The need is well researched and documented.  Easy- to-use Vitamin D drops are the supplement of  choice.  Call today, 206-365-1030 to set an  appointment to determine the amount of Vitamin D  for you to maintain Vibrant Health this winter and all  year long.