Keys to improving health, longevity and joy

Our health is at risk as a nation, a community and individually.  One may ask, “who is responsible?”  The answer may not be obvious in our complex world.  However, rather than trying to point fingers and expect someone else to take responsibility, it is more effective to look in the mirror first.

Whom do you see?  Can you connect deeply with that person and clearly state, “I am responsible.”  As we want things to be different or better, individually and collectively, more can happen if each person takes responsibility to bring about change.  The commitment to connect with “self” first opens the door to the possibility and probability of positive change.  William Shakespeare said some 400 years ago, “to thine own self be true…”  This statement says it all.

One of my mentors said early in my career, “for things to change, you’ve got to change”. Relating to health, until one takes full responsibility for changing the outcome, lasting change is unlikely.  In our society today, much blame is placed on government, big pharma, big agriculture, chemical companies, etc.  While these entities have created dependencies and problems, ultimately, the one we see in the mirror is responsible for maintaining the status quo or creating a different outcome.

How does this work?  Here are some ideas to get connected to self :

  • What is my purpose?
  • How do I impact my life by my choices?
  • How do I impact the lives of my family and friends by my choices?
  • How do I impact my community through my choices?
  • What changes would serve me to live and express “Sustainable Vibrant Health?”
  • What can I do to interest others in taking personal responsibility for changing the outcome?
  • What commitments am I making or have made that serve or not?
    • Can I let go of that which does not serve and causes clutter?
    • Where can I focus my energy to increase my productivity and morale?

The ability to connect powerfully with self and others to serve in a life-affirming way will go a long way to transform the world to a more loving and peaceful place.  This may sound unattainable, however, until we commit and attempt it, we are forever remanded to a declining experience.  The evidence is at hand, with things close to home:

70% of our population is overweight

33% of the population is obese

23% of children are overweight

There is no time to waste because the decline is accelerating.  Once you commit to improving the outcome, begin to take action and all manner of help will come your way to assist in your success.  One sure way to get connected to self is by taking better care of the body you have.  Get your nutrition in order as this is the stuff we are made of and rely on to stay in the game.

This why I created Robust Life Center to help as many people achieve “sustainable vibrant health” as possible to improve life on the planet.

Samuel C Zeiler MS CC