Consistent Action Builds Vibrant Health

What are you intending when you consider your health?  How consistent are you with taking action to improve your health and longevity?

Your better health and state of well-being are directly related to these two questions.  Certainly, you took right action when you chose to connect to us at Robust Life Center.  The degree to which you are improving is the result of how you are answering these questions on a daily basis.

Over the last few weeks, I took an interest in the Wallenda family, particularly due to the event a few weeks ago when fifth generation, Nick Wallenda, walked 1800 feet across a part of the Grand Canyon.  The build-up to this event provided an in-depth look at Nick, his practice and preparation and the family history.  The family history certainly provided a foundation for being able to successfully walk on a wire.  However, doing it well and pushing the edge of possibility is an individual act.

For those of you who did not see this event, I recommend searching for it on the “Discovery Channel” and watching a truly remarkable feat.  Simply explained, Nick Wallenda stepped out on a 2-inch wide cable suspended 1500 feet over a part of the Grand Canyon and proceeded to walk 1800 feet across (the length of six football fields) the canyon with no safety devices (safety net, tether, etc.).  All he carried was a balance pole to help him stay on path with winds varying from 6 to 36 mph.  The amazing aspect of this event was watching as he consciously placed one foot in front of the other with a focus on where he was going and a full intention on reaching the destination.

One may ask, how does this relate to improving health?  There are many similarities to walking a wire:

  • First is the decision to take definitive action to improve the outcome for a long life of “Sustainable Vibrant Health.
  • Second, is learning how to integrate changes that move one forward.
  • Third is developing and reinforcing the intention to reach the destination.  This is a tough one because our society and practices are filled with the winds of distraction that could blow you of the wire.
  • Fourth, is taking action, one step at a time going forward while focusing on the goal.
  • Fifth, keep your purpose in clear view and in mind as you keep taking steps to improve.

As Nick came near to the end of the walk, his delight at reaching the goal, was clearly evident as he lightly pranced on the wire up to the end.  I was truly inspired by this feat and the many messages that reminded me of my goals, purpose and intention that power what we do at Robust Life Center.  If you are “wobbling on the wire”, there is a safety net to help you.  Let us get you back on the wire and moving toward the goal of “Sustainable Vibrant Health”.