Dawn of a New Era

image courtesy of stockfreeimages.com

Image courtesy of stockfreeimages.com

What an amazing year on planet earth.  While there are still the same things happening in the world, what is happening closer to home has my attention.  While I do not know about you, there has been a focus for me on a few things like health, finances, quality of life, family and deepening self-awareness of purpose.  Leading a simple life requires a lot attention to weed out the important and not urgent from the urgent and not important things.

While I work with many people to improve their overall health through nutrition, it is apparent that the number one issue is the level of physical and mental stress affecting the body.  This condition leads to an elevated level of inflammation that causes a series of undesirable effects that result in sub-optimal health.  What intrigues me is the degree to which some continue to ignore the signs and symptoms of the decline in their health.

Considering what is happening at the federal level with the “fiscal cliff” and the posturing to get around it, is it any wonder that the same actions are happening within us?  Is it possible that you or someone you know is facing a “physical cliff” and is looking for another route instead of just handling the issue?  Our bodies and minds are the most magnificent systems created to experience life fully and perform routine repair and growth without much outside intervention.  However, here is what is happening:

  1. Diabetes and obesity are growing at epidemic rates across age groups even with national attention on the subject.
  2. Our nation ranks #37 in health of the major industrialized nations on the planet even though we have the highest per capita expenditure for health.
  3. We are the largest food consumers in the world.
  4. Autism Spectrum Disorder and related issues continue to rise to alarming levels despite the current medical approach to disguise the symptoms.
  5. The current plan is to allow GMO foods to become the common standard for feeding the population.

Something in the current experience is wrong.  When a path continues to get us more lost, then doing more of the same leads to insanity.  This is the case with governments, politicians and us as individuals.  As it relates to health, a mentor early in my career said, “the body does not get sick and tired, it gets hungry”.  Over the last century, we have become progressively malnourished and led astray by profit instead of quality.  We have left to others (big agriculture and food product industry) our ability to feed ourselves instead of growing and preparing our own food from scratch.  The trade-off is the lack of “quality of life”.  Fortunately, there are farmer’s markets and a grass roots movement to provide wholesome organic produce for us to support health.

As I expected, the world did not end with the Mayan Calendar and short of a major cataclysm, we will make it through 2013 and beyond.  The “Dawn of a New Era” is upon us and calls us to “step up” if we are to sustain life on the planet and give the gifts of our service to others fully.  My mission is to change the health of the community for the better one person at a time.  In order for that to happen, the community needs the following:

  1. Individuals who desire to improve their health and the health of those around them.
  2. Individuals who will decide to face their “physical cliff” and take action in 2013 by following a proven pathway.
  3. A commitment to do whatever it takes to change themselves, and by example change their families and their community for the better.

Robust Life Center continues to grow and serve because of the proven pathways we use and teach our community about how to live and have “Sustainable Vibrant Health”.  If this article has touched you in any way, please let us know.  Forward this to anyone you know who could benefit from living with optimal health.  You are responsible for all that is in yourself and the world around you.